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Hearth-glo Lighting is handcrafted with pride in
the U.S.A. UL Approved
Handmade Nautical Wall Sconces
Tin Wall Sconce               
Stockbridge 801B                               
14"h x 9"w                           
Brass $359.00
Copper  $349.00
Brass Wall Sconce  
Scallop 804B
14"h x 8"w
Copper $319.00
Brass    $329.00
Verdigris Wall Sconce
Scallop 803B
7"h  x 7"w                               
Copper $249.00
Brass    $259.00
Brass Wall Sconce
Scallop 802B
9"h x 7"w                        
Copper $259.00
Brass    $269.00
The Stockbridge Sconce
This handmade  tin wall sconce brings a
true sense of Early America to any home.
The Stockbridge style sconce was a
popular lighting fixture in its day. It
appeared in works ranging from those of
famed colonial painter Gilbert Stuart,
through the Victorian works of Wallace
Nutting. The elegant simplicity of hand
hammered tin in a bold look,clean form
make the Stockbridge Sconce an ideal
choice for many different styles of decor.
Available in antique tin or antique brass.
The Nautical Sconce Collection
Only Hearth-glo lets you bring that special feel of the sea into your
home .This enchanting group of Scallop sconces combine the natural
lines of hand hammered scallop shells with a colonial sconce
foundation to create a nautical look found nowhere else. You can
diverse range of colors and styles. Whether your home is in Bar Harbor
or Biscayne Bay, seaside or inland, the Nautical Sconce Collection has
a look that conjures up that special feeling of being by the sea.
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