Why Choose Our Sign Lighting
When it comes to choosing sign lighting for an upscale project, our sign lights are clearly the
only fixture to combine quality and aesthetics. Our superb sign lights are completely
handcrafted in the U.S.A. by our own experienced craftsmen (not outsourced!), with attention to
every detail. All sign light shades are made with solid copper or brass applying a
hand rolled
wired edge
and grooved seam, which can only be found in a handmade product. This gives
them strength while enhancing the overall appearance. The black arms are all powder coated,
not painted; powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard,
abrasion resistant and tough. An added accessory included, not offered by our competitors, is
a decorative hand spun copper or brass wall canopy, completing the finished look. Hidden
underneath the decorative wall canopy, you will find an extra heavy mounting plate, giving the
fixture added strength and ease of installation.
The SL-501 model sign light fixture includes a hand forged powder coated scroll bracket made
by our own Blacksmith, ensuring more strength and overall aesthetic value.
Another important factor to consider is the versatility a handmade product offers. It allows us to
make custom modifications to any of our standard models with ease. We work with Architects
and Designers regularly in meeting their needs for custom applications of sign lighting.
In short, you simply cannot buy better sign lighting. Our over 30 years of experience in the
handcrafted lighting industry speaks for itself! You can easily purchase less expensive sign
lighting, but in doing so you will be adding a  product to your building which will not resemble or
measure up to the expectations of our sign lighting.

Thank You,
Hammerworks & Hearth-glo Lighting

Please visit us at
www.hammerworks.com or www.hearth-glo.com
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