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All About Hearth-Glo 

Experience the historical reproduction lighting style that Hearth-glo represents. We offer a complete line of colonial farmhouse light fixtures that are handcrafted in the USA. For over 40 years, Hearth-glo has been creating heirloom-quality rustic light fixtures that have the look and feel of early America. We create each of our pieces completely by hand using materials like solid copper, brass, and tin in our Massachusetts shop. Each Hearth-glo design is reproduced to echo the lighting of the homes of yesteryear. From simple log cabins and New England farmhouses to stately mansions and townhouses, our rustic light fixtures and farmhouse exterior lights are a perfect choice for any home. 

Design Variety

Hearth-glo offers an array of designs ranging from country hanging lights, rustic porch lights, antique wall sconces, wooden lamp posts and post lanterns to vintage ceiling lights and punched tin light fixtures. You can choose from a variety of finishes and designs to compliment your farmhouse decor. While we offer brass, tin, and copper light fixtures, we also have custom finish options of either verdigris or painted black. All of our fixtures are tested for structural integrity and electrical continuity prior to shipping. Most importantly, at Hearth-glo, we guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products to provide you with years of trouble-free service. 

Custom Orders

Here at Hearth-glo, we welcome custom orders. Since we handcraft each light one at a time, we have the unique ability to make custom modifications to our own designs. In many instances, we can create a new design based on customer specifications. 

A Bit of Background

Since we began business in 1979, we have worked with an abundance of customers over the years to create something unique for their spaces. 

Among Hearth-Glo’s more famous customers is the Walt Disney Company. Our rustic lighting fixtures can be seen in several Disney movies, including the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Numerous other movie and TV productions have utilized our lighting to enhance the authenticity of a rustic setting.

We have also partnered with the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. Providing historically accurate pieces with all of the functional specifications of modern lighting to create an authentic colonial atmosphere throughout New Englund. The Boston Tea Party commented on our partnership, “At the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, 70 large, all-copper Garrison lanterns enhance the colonial atmosphere. The overall effect of the lighting around the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum elicits the exact response (Hearth-Glo) strives to achieve: ‘Boy do they belong here!’”

“Their copper post lamps light the streets in the restored historic district of the Village of New Bedford, the center of whaling in colonial times. And, while their period lighting is found throughout New England, it is also in historic restorations in the Walnutport, PA canal; the Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia; and in the historic districts in Geneva, Illinois and New Albany, Ohio.” -Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Throughout our years of business, various well-known retail outlets and restaurants across the USA have used Hearth-glo Lighting. These include Tommy Bahama stores, Friendly’s restaurants, Jim-Boy Mexican restaurants, and more.  The prestigious Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia and the Monticello historic site in Virginia also included Hearth-glo Lighting as part of recent renovations. Whether it is a residential or commercial application, you can count on Hearth-glo rustic light fixtures for fine period quality lighting.

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