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Rustic Wall Lanterns

Outdoor Wall Lanterns

“Historic New England Copper and Brass Outdoor Wall Lanterns Featuring Superior Handmade Craftsmanship”
Rustic Outdoor wall Lanterns

A Family - Owned Business Since 1979
Creating Heirloom - Quality Period Reproduction Lighting In The USA

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Handcrafted Outdoor Wall Lanterns

Hearth-Glo offers a variety of handcrafted outdoor wall lanterns that coordinate with any color scheme to brighten up your home with rustic exterior lights. Each of our rustic wall lanterns is made from high-quality materials of solid copper or brass with options of finishing in verdigris or black paint. Whether you choose a copper light fixture, exterior brass lanterns, or prefer one of our finish colors, our farmhouse rustic outdoor lighting is sure to boost the curb appeal of your home. 


From petite “back door” rustic exterior lights to larger options for rustic porch lights and farmhouse garage lights, you can find the ideal combination of colors and styles for every entrance. We also have a selection of lamp illumination options, from a standard single bulb to two, three, or four candle configurations to complete your look.

Outdoor Copper Lanterns and Exterior Brass Lanterns

We have quite the selection of outdoor copper lanterns and exterior brass lantern designs to choose from. Embellish your home with historic reproduction outdoor lighting for a rustic, primitive atmosphere, or add a modern feel with some of our more traditional designs. We even have a collection of hanging pendant lights and rustic ceiling lights to complete your rustic porch light ensemble. 

Farmhouse Garage Lights

Garages are usually very frequently used areas and are always easily spruced up with the addition of rustic garage lights to light your way. As a general rule of thumb, outdoor garage entryway lights should be positioned at eye level and larger sizes tend to be the most complimentary outdoor wall lanterns to accent garages. You can even add a few of our gorgeous outdoor lantern and post combinations along walkways, at the end of driveways, and at the base of porches for an even more effective exterior facelift. 

Placement and Installment of Your Outdoor Wall Lanterns

Installing and placement of your outdoor wall lanterns is an important aspect of getting the ideal appeal that you are looking to add to your home. Lights should be about ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door and trim with grand entryways closer to the ⅓ mark. Our outdoor wall lanterns and rustic porch lights should be mounted so that they are slightly above eye level, which measures to be approximately 66 inches above the threshold of the door. If you have any questions or would like suggestions on rustic light fixture designs or installation, give us a call or email us. We are always ready to speak with our customers and help them every step of the way!