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Outdoor Post Lanterns: H5002P

Adirondack Post Light: H5002P
Height 19″
Width 8″
Depth 71/2″
Antique Copper – $455.00
Antique Brass – $465.00
Verde Copper – $475.00


Vintage Outdoor Post Lanterns

Above all, get superior quality when you purchase Vintage Outdoor Post Lanterns from Hearth-glo! That’s because we use solid copper or brass to create each Country Style Post Light. Not to mention, no matter which Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns you choose, our meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy is second to none. After all, our process recalls the days when early craftsmen took pride in their work. In the final analysis, we make Quality Outdoor Post Lights that last a lifetime!

Certainly, the motivating factor to install Outdoor Post Lanterns is safety & security as well as curb appeal. No matter what, when choosing the size and quantity of post lanterns, consider several factors. In the first place, don’t be afraid to select Large Outdoor Post Lights. Otherwise, they may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. Secondly, the distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building proportion itself should determine which size post light is appropriate. By the same token, on a long driveway, multiple Colonial Post Lanterns may be necessary to achieve proper illumination and aesthetic value. As a general rule of thumb, when using several post lights, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them.

Rustic Home Lighting

It’s important to note, the 5002P Outdoor Post Lanterns are part of a matching collection. These include both wall-mounted and hanging styles. Having said that, find the Model 5002B Rustic Log Home Lighting, perfect to flank your front entry and garage doors. By the same token, in our Hanging Pendant Lights collection, see the matching 5002H Log Home Pendant Lighting fixture. As you can imagine, choosing this collection of vintage outdoor solid copper & brass lanterns from Hearth-glo adds instant curb appeal to your home!

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