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Reproduction Mirror Wall Sconce: HS133A

Carpenter Hall Sconce: HS133A
Height 18″
Width 8″
Antique Copper N/A
Antique Brass – $669.00
Antique Tin – $679.00


Carpenter Hall Wall Sconce

Make a dramatic statement with this Carpenter Hall Reproduction Mirror Wall Sconce from Hearth-glo! After all, these impressive Antique Wall Sconces are careful reproductions of those originally found in their namesake “Carpenters’ Hall” in Philadelphia! In a word, this Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce is a true example of Colonial Americana! Given these points, these classic Vintage Wall Sconces are the perfect choice for your antique reproduction Colonial home.

As with all of our lighting, we make these Reproduction Wall Sconces completely by hand using tools and techniques of yesteryear. By the same token, we carefully hand-cut and place the mirror into each Rustic Style Wall Sconce, individually. Overall, the mirror’s reflection adds depth to the sconce, as well as to the overall room design.

It’s important to note, while we make the majority of our Antique Wall Sconces in antique tin, brass, copper, verdigris, and black finishes, the Reproduction Mirror Wall Sconce is an exception. Instead, we make it only in antique tin or brass. In any event, the neutral tones of either finish blend well with any color scheme.

In particular, our handcrafted wall sconces offer a great secondary source of light in large rooms. Additionally, use wall sconces in large spaces to highlight a feature in the room. Oftentimes, wall sconces are placed on either side of a fireplace to present it as an accent in the room. An important guideline is to measure down 6 inches from the top of the window, and then use that as your mounting height for all the wall sconces in the room.

Rustic Chandelier Lighting

As mentioned, it’s common to use a wall sconce as an accent and place a Rustic Chandelier Lighting Fixture as the focal point in the room. In light of this, take some time to explore our various Rustic Country Chandeliers. Here you’ll find both custom-made wooden, as well as Rustic Metal Chandelier designs.

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