Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting: 1019H

Jefferson 1019H
Height 16 1/12″
Width 5 1/2″
Depth 5 1/2″
Antique Copper – $369.00
Antique Brass – $379.00
Verde – $389.00


Vintage Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Hearth-glo is proud to offer the rustic handcrafted “Jefferson” 1019H Vintage Outdoor Pendant Lighting. At the very least, it is an excellent example of Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting. All things considered, since we make the matching Outdoor Copper Wall Light 1019B and Copper Driveway Lighting PP119, you can create a uniform design scheme. Not to mention, find the same attention to detail and historical period accuracy as you find throughout our handmade fixtures. By the same token, we make all Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting out of durable solid copper or brass. Furthermore, we offer custom Finish Options of painted black and verdigris copper. Keep in mind, all of the Hanging Pendant Lights in Heart-glo’s collection are somewhat primitive and rustic in style. However, if you want something a bit more formal & traditional consider a model from our associated Company, Hammerworks. Coupled with Hearth-glo’s handcrafted lighting collection, you will find a nice variety of designs to choose from. As a result, whether you prefer Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting or something else, there’s one perfect for your home. In the end, be it Hammerworks or Hearth-glo get quality & craftsmanship built to last a lifetime.

Rustic Country Chandeliers

While the Farmhouse Pendant Lighting is suitable for interior use, we also offer a comparable collection of Rustic Country Chandeliers. That being said, you can easily mix and match the 2 types of lighting throughout any living space. For example, in an open great room area, place the Farmhouse Style Chandelier CH112 in the breakfast nook. Then, use Colonial Pendant Lighting 7524H as a focal point in the living room for a nice contrast. Overall, the combinations are endless, limited only to your imagination!


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