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Farmhouse Style Tin Sconce: H810B

Tin Sconce: H810B
Height 12″
Width 4″  Depth 5 1/4″
Antique Copper $325.00
Antique Brass – $335.00
Antique Tin – $345.00


Rustic Wall Sconce

Get Hearth-glo’s handcrafted Rustic Farmhouse Style Tin Sconce 810B to add a truly vintage look to any room! Also called the “Schooner” Sconce, these one-of-kind Farmhouse Wall Sconces  are sure to be noticed!  Overall, while these Antique Wall Sconces are distinctly rustic, they also have a somewhat nautical appeal. That being said, a Country Style Wall Sconce is just as appropriate in a seaside cottage as it is in a reproduction farmhouse!

No matter what, when you purchase an Antique Wall Sconce from Hearth-glo you receive quality handmade 18th-century reproduction lighting. That’s because we employ the same techniques as the original craftsmen. In addition, we use only solid copper, brass, or tin to create each wall sconce. Consequently, it’s easy to coordinate with the color scheme and style of any setting. Whether you have a Colonial, Cape Cod Cottage, or New Englander, our Farmhouse Style Tin Sconce is just right.

In addition, we offer several sconce styles with 2 or 3 candles making them ideal for areas requiring additional lighting.  Furthermore, each sconce accommodates 60 watts per candelabra socket.

Antique Wall Sconce Settings

As mentioned, we offer an Primitive Wall Sconce style that is perfect for home designs from a Farmhouse to a New England Colonial. From a simple antique tin style to our collection of mirrored wall sconces the possibilities are endless. While our Farmhouse Style Tin Sconce adds charm to the overall design of any setting, proper placement is important.

Thus, consider height as well as room location. As a general rule of thumb, install wall sconces between 5 – 6 feet from the floor. Or, measure down 6 inches from the top of the window, and then use that as your mounting height for all the wall sconces in the room. In short, use these guidelines to install sconces at the correct height level and coordinate with artwork and fireplaces. No matter what, a  Farmhouse Style Tin Sconce provides a warm glow, illuminating a dark hallway or accent lighting in a bathroom, bedroom, or living area.



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