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Pierced Tin Ceiling Light: HCL116

Tin Ceiling Light: HCL116
Height 5 1/2″
Diameter 10″
Ant. Copper – $340.00
Antique Brass – $350.00
Antique Tin – $360.00


Pierced Tin Ceiling Lights

We think you’ll agree, Hearth-glo’s Hand Pierced Primitive Tin Ceiling Light adds a charming accent to any space! Not to mention, we also handcraft Rustic Ceiling Lights in antique copper or brass. In any event, these attractive Primitive Tin Ceiling Lights are both functional and exceptional in quality. All things considered, due to the compact size you can install them in areas with low clearance. Furthermore, mix and match with Rustic Punched Ceiling Light CL117. For the most part, they’re an ideal option for any space in the home. That being said, they are most commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways.

As mentioned, just as with all our lighting we make the Pierced Tin Ceiling Light CL116 completely by hand. In short, the attention to detail is unmatched! As a matter of fact, we hand punch each fixture one at a time. Not to mention, the appealing reflection of the punched design when lit is delightful! As previously noted, we offer a variety of styles and finish options. Again, these include antique tin, copper, and brass. Additionally, select from custom verdigris or painted black. Consequently, together with the other Rustic Style Ceiling Lights, there’s sure to be an ideal option for you! Either way, in terms of illumination, we equip the round style CL116 with 1 medium base socket, accommodating 60 watts. However, all of the other Ceiling Lights have 2 sockets.

Rustic Country Chandeliers

In any event, at Hearth-glo we also offer a nice selection of handmade Rustic Country Chandeliers. Similarly, these range from antique tin and brass to wood center styles. On the whole, any of these Farmhouse Pendant Lights coordinates perfectly with the Vintage Ceiling Lights.On balance, if you are looking for a contrasting design, consider a Rustic Wood Chandelier, which is custom-made to your specifications! All in all, no matter the size and style of overhead lighting, we have a great selection at Hearth-glo!


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