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Porch Pendant Light: H2009H

Hanging Townhouse H2009H
Height 20″
Width 8″
Depth 8″
Antique Copper – $505.00
Antique Brass – $515.00
Verde – $525.00


Colonial Pendant Light

Certainly, this handcrafted Colonial Porch Pendant Light 2009H is reminiscent of the lighting of yesteryear! Overall the simplistic lines and quaint design brings you instantly back in time!  Better yet, this nostalgic lighting is as always, proudly made in America. Most notably, you can extend this look throughout your outdoor lighting scheme. After all, not only do we make the matching Country Style Post Light 2009P, but the wall-mounted Vintage Looking Outdoor Light 2009b as well!  In fact, as you browse through Hearth-glo’s Products it is soon evident that we create several “matched sets” of coordinating exterior copper & brass lanterns.

As mentioned, you can choose either solid copper or brass for any Hanging Pendant Lights. We also offer custom finish options of painted black and verdigris copper upon request. No matter what, regardless of your finish choice, each lantern features handcrafted quality that’s made to last a lifetime! Of note, we supply a foot of matching chain and a ceiling canopy for each Porch Pendant Light. Of course, additional chain length is always available for a minimal charge. No matter what, regardless of which you choose, each lantern features handcrafted quality that’s made to last a lifetime!

Copper Outdoor Lighting

As previously noted, throughout our collection of Copper Outdoor Lighting, we feature several matching or complementary designs. That being said, find several corresponding Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns & Copper Wall Lights to coordinate with your Porch Pendant Light. Consequently, creating a uniform look has never been easier! Simply look at the “Related Products” on the page for some great ideas!

Interior Lighting

Although commonly used as a Porch Pendant Light, any of our hanging lanterns are suitable for Interior Lighting. Not only that they combine nicely with the Rustic Ceiling Lights. When used together, they address all of your overhead lighting needs while enhancing your overall decor. In fact, add some Antique Wall Sconces, and Hearth-glo has everything you need to light up your home in style! In addition, for more great lighting ideas, take a look at our associated Company, Hammerworks!


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