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Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier: HCH201

HCH201 (12 Arms)
Height 19″
Width 30″
Antique Brass – $1495.00
Antique Tin – $1515.00


Colonial Rustic Chandelier

It’s immediately evident that Hearth-glo’s handcrafted Colonial Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier is meant to create a statement wherever you place it!  With two graceful tiers, these Rustic County Chandeliers command attention, even unlit. Not to mention, for added versatility, we create these Farmhouse Chandeliers in a single-tier as well, the CH104. Given these points, why not use the two-tier Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier as a focal point in an open space great room, and add the single-tier model over the dining table? On the whole, this is a great combination for your period reproduction New England Farmhouse or Cape Cod Colonial home.

In any event, find the same handcrafted quality that’s evident throughout our Rustic Metal Chandelier collection. First of all, we handcraft each Colonial rustic chandelier in your choice of antique brass or tin finish. Moreover, we use the same tools and methods as the original Colonial craftsmen. Most notably, you’ll receive one foot of matching chain and a ceiling plate with your Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier. Please note, for any extra chain length, there is a minimal charge.

Farmhouse Wall Sconces

Comparatively, if you need accent lighting, consider adding Farmhouse Wall Sconces. All in all, in terms of design, we offer Antique Wall Sconces from simple and primitive to formal and traditional. No matter what, they are a decorative yet practical accessory, suitable for any room in your home. In short, Vintage Wall Sconces are a great lighting option to install throughout your home. Here are some guidelines to consider. As a general rule of thumb, antique wall sconces are installed between 5 – 6 feet from the floor. No matter what, adding a wall sconce to your space can make it a touch more cozy and welcoming.  Ideally, place an entryway sconce right next to the front door or on the wall opposite of the direction the door swings in. Regardless of where you place them, they are a great coordinating accessory for any Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier.


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