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Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce: HS106T

Mirror Wall Sconce: HS106T
Height 15″
Width 7″
Ant. Copper – $459.00
Antique Brass – $469.00
Antique Tin – $479.00


Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce: S106T


Tin Wall Sconce

First & Foremost, Hearth-glo’s handcrafted S106T Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce is not only beautiful, but it’s also a practical choice. The reason being, with 3 candelabra sockets, these Antique Wall Sconces provide an abundance of illumination wherever you place them. As a matter of fact, these Vintage Wall Sconces  accommodate up to 60 watts per socket. Not only that, the mirror enhances the light, reflecting it back into the room. Given these points, if you are short on space but need a lot of light in a specific area, these Antique Vintage Wall Sconces are a great solution!

In any event, just as with all of our sconces, we create the Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce in your choice of antique tin, (as shown), as well as brass and copper. That being said, there’s sure to be a Country Style Wall Sconce in our collection to match your decor. By the same token, we skillfully handcraft each sconce. In brief, we hand-cut the mirror, as well as the metal pattern for each one. We then carefully form and solder them. The end result is a beautiful Rustic Style Wall Sconce made to last a lifetime.

It’s important to note as well, at our parent company, Hammerworks, we make several other mirrored wall sconces. As a result, you are sure to find just the right Colonial Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce for your setting.

Farmhouse Chandeliers

By and large, choose any of our Farmhouse Chandeliers to go along with your Vintage Mirror Wall Sconce. As you browse our collection of Rustic Country Chandeliers, you’ll soon see that we have a varied selection. Keep in mind, either a Farmhouse Style Wooden Chandelier or any Rustic Metal Chandelier match any sconce perfectly. Of course, we make your chandelier using the same time-honored methods, resulting in an heirloom-quality light fixture.


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