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Vintage Outdoor Lighting: H2001B

Georgetown H2001B
Height 11″
Width 5″
Depth 5″
Antique Copper $319.00
Antique Brass $329.00
Verde $339.00


Rustic Vintage Outdoor Lighting

First of all, Hearth-glo’s Rustic Vintage Outdoor Lighting model 2001B is the perfect solution for a small space. That being said, even with their compact size, these Outdoor Wall Lanterns add a rugged appearance wherever you place them. Without a doubt, the combination of the Verde finish and hand-spun copper reflector enhance any entryway. Not only that, consider pairing it, with the slightly larger Country Cottage Outdoor Lighting 2007B. In a word, this provides you with a classic combination of Handcrafted Outdoor Wall Lights. Moreover, since we carefully handcraft each historic style wall lantern out of solid copper or brass, the result is a superior quality light. That being said this durable lighting fixture is made to last throughout the years to come.

Generally speaking, we recommend placing a larger model lantern at the front entryway and the garage. For example, the Rustic Farmhouse Copper Lighting 1033B is an excellent choice. As a matter of fact, it complements the Vintage Outdoor Lighting nicely. Also, since it is part of a matching collection of wall, post & Hanging Pendant Lanterns you have several more options to use as driveway and Farmer’s Porch lighting.

Handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns

As mentioned, we also make Handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns at Hearth-glo. Of course, our Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns provide a glowing warmth when lit. However, the beauty of solid copper or brass lanterns adds a dramatic accent in the daytime as well. On the whole, consider the following when choosing the size and quantity of post tops. First of all, in terms of size, larger is usually better. Otherwise, the light may appear too small if not scaled correctly within its setting. Consequently, the distance from the post light to the building, together with the building size itself are decisive factors. In addition, on long driveways, when using multiple post lights, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them. All in all, we think you’ll agree, Hearth-glo offers a great selection of Vintage Outdoor Lighting for your home.


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