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Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights: HCL117

Punched Light: HCL117
Height 6″
Width 11″ Sq.
Ant. Copper – $399.00
Antique Brass – $409.00
Antique Tin – $419.00


Punched Tin Ceiling Lights

In the first place, Hearth-glo’s handcrafted Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights are full of charm!. All things considered, our Punched Tin Ceiling Lights are attractive yet functional. Keep in mind, just as with all of the Rustic Ceiling Lights in our collection, you can install them in areas with shallow clearance. Moreover, consider pairing the square model with the companion round Pierced Tin Ceiling Light CL116.  Not only that, for accent lighting add a pair of Antique Wall Sconces for a coordinated look! In any event, it’s easy to find a suitable space in your home for these attractive and functional Antique Tin Ceiling Lights.

Altogether, we offer Vintage Ceiling Lights in a variety of styles and finish options. As always, these include Antique Tin, Copper, and Brass. Additionally, on a custom basis, you can also request Verdigris Copper or Painted Black as well. Most importantly, for illumination, we equip the round style CL116  with one medium base socket, rated for a maximum of 60 watts. However, the CL 117, as well as all of the other Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights, have 2 standard sockets. Furthermore, the seeded glass is standard in the ceiling lights, but you can request clear if you prefer.

Punched Tin Chandeliers

Of course, if you are looking for matching Punched Tin Chandeliers, we offer a variety of them at our associated Company, Hammerworks. Here you’ll find several styles and sizes of Colonial Pierced Tin Chandeliers. It goes without saying, we use the same time-honored methods to handcraft these Country Farmhouse Pendant Lights. In fact, this popular style is a great choice for a country kitchen or dining area. Additionally, the unique Punched Tin Cone Shade SH103 is an ideal option for task lighting over a kitchen counter or island. Or consider putting Punched Tin Vanity Light PL1 over the bathroom sink for a truly unique look. Furthermore, all hand punched pendant shades are rated for a 75 or 100-watt medium base light bulb.



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