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Solid Copper Post Light: H1001P

Salem Post Light: H1001P
Height 25″
Width 8″
Depth 8″
Antique Copper – $589.00
Antique Brass – $599.00
Verde Copper – $609.00


Rustic Copper Post Lantern

Most importantly, at Hearth-glo, we skillfully handcraft each Rustic Solid Copper Post Light. In fact, we use only solid copper or brass to make these Quality Outdoor Post Lights. As a result, by nature, your Outdoor Post Lanterns resist corrosion to last for generations. As mentioned, we make each post light meticulously with attention to detail and historical accuracy. This is a process recalling the days when early colonial craftsmen took pride in their work. In any event, we take pride in knowing that each lantern we produce is a testament to our craftsmanship and will last for years to come.

Whether choosing your Copper Driveway Lighting consider these factors. First of all, do not shy away from size. While your lantern may look large when you hold it in your hands it can appear undersized if not scaled properly. Therefore take into account the distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building size. This will determine which size Solid Copper Post Light is appropriate. Most importantly, outdoor post-light illumination provides safety on walkways when approaching your home at night. When using multiple post lights, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them. On a long driveway, multiple Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns may be necessary, to achieve proper illumination and aesthetic value.

For your convenience, we also offer 2 styles of Wooden Light Poles to pair with your lantern top. With an industry-standard 3″ post collar you can match either Wooden Cedar Pole with your post light.

Outdoor Wall Lanterns

If you are looking for Outdoor Wall Lanterns to go along with your new Solid Copper Post Light, we’ve got just the right one for you! as a matter of fact, the Model 1001B Outdoor Copper Lighting fixture is the matching wall-mounted version of the 1001P. Not only that, but we also make a smaller coordinating Solid Copper Outdoor Light, the 1007B. Of course, if you prefer to mix and match, you’ll find a nice selection of Outdoor Wall Lanterns to choose from!


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