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Vintage Outdoor Sconce Lighting: H1006B

Madison H1006B
Height 14″
Width 7 1/2″
Depth 6 1/2″
Antique Copper $355.00
Antique Brass $365.00
Verde $375.00


Vintage Outdoor Copper Lighting

By and large, since 1979 Hearth-glo’s Copper Vintage Outdoor Sconce Lighting has been meticulously handmade with attention to detail. Thus our process recalls the days when Colonial craftsmen took pride in their work. Especially relevant, we make all of our lighting in America. Moreover, we handcraft each of our reproduction home Outdoor Wall Lanterns out of your choice of solid copper or brass. Having said that, you’ll find additional finish selections of painted black & verdigris copper as well. No matter what, you will consistently receive a solidly built wall light. Therefore our Vintage Outdoor Sconce Lighting will illuminate any doorway entry for years to come. Most of all the attractive design adds curb appeal to any architectural period home design.

Traditional Wall Lanterns

In addition to our more primitive styles, we offer Traditional Wall Lanterns, ideal for a variety of home designs. Thus for a Reproduction Colonial Home, Cape Cod cottage, Log Home, or New England Farmhouse, we have the Best Outside Wall Lights. Not only that, we offer a variety of matching Rustic Outdoor Post Lights. Therefore, you can easily find the correct style & size lighting for your home. Certainly, if you are unsure our knowledgeable sales associates are happy to assist you in making the right decision. Overall, Hearth-glo is your clear choice for any style of Vintage Outdoor Sconce Lighting.

Copper Driveway Lighting

As previously noted, in addition to our collection of wall lanterns, we offer a selection of coordinated handcrafted Copper Driveway Lighting. While we design our post lanterns to provide a glowing warmth, the beauty of solid copper or brass lanterns also provides a dramatic accent in the daytime. Most importantly when choosing the size and quantity of Outdoor Post Lanterns, consider these factors: First of all do not shy away from size. The light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting.  Consequently, the distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building size itself determines appropriate lantern size. In addition on long driveways, multiple copper post lanterns may be necessary to achieve proper illumination and aesthetic value. Keep in mind also, when using multiple post lights, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them.


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